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Charlie’s Soap Laundry Pre-Spray Stain Remover With Refill (16.9 Fl. Oz, 1 Pack With Refill) Natural Laundry Pretreat and Stain Remover – Powerful, Safe, and Effective


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Brand: Charlie’s Soap


  • EARTH FRIENDLY FORMULAS NOW WITH AN EXTRA REFILL BOTTLE: Reuse your trigger spray. Reduce the plastics you recycle while conserving resources. It’s the green thing to do.
  • LAUNDRY PRETREAT: One spray takes care of just about any stain. For set in stain rescue, combine with our Oxygen Bleach to combat tough set in stains, even red wine is no match for Charlie’s Soap.
  • SAFE TO LEAVE ON GARMENTS: The deep-cleaning formula is safe to leave on garments until wash day. The longer it sits on a stain, the better, it’s also great as a white laundry stain remover.
  • EPA SAFER CHOICE CERTIFIED & SAFER FOR YOUR FAMILY: Tough on stains, this laundry pre-spray is made with a biodegradable formula and certified eco-friendly to keep your family and environment safe.
  • USE ON ANY FABRIC: Our natural laundry stain remover prevents colors from fading, keeps your clothes looking brand new, and is good for even the hard ones like blood, armpit, and cigarette stains.

Package Dimensions: 120x252x1220

Details: Sticky stains on your good clothes can totally ruin your day! Our environmentally friendly plant-based laundry pre-spray stain remover is your quick and easy fix. In fact, just one spray takes care of almost any stain you can create. Its gentle formula works overnight on tough stains on any fabric without fading colors. The bottle is light, easy to handle, and conveniently fits in small laundry areas. Like all of our products, our biodegradable formulas work to keep the environment and your family safe. This is not your grandmas stain remover, it is the best set in stain remover for clothes and other washable fabrics alike. Spray on the offending stain, rub into the stain with a little water and let it set from 20 min. to overnight. Then toss in your machine with the usual load and was as normal. NOTE FROM THE MANUFACTURER: The included sprayer head that comes unassembled in this combo has an extra long bendable pickup tube. Just place sprayer in open bottle and allow the tube to flex as the sprayer is inserted and tightened, no need to trim. This is normal and allows for maximal use of the product with little to no waste.

UPC: 757072139038

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